Quantum VJ HD
Latest release - 1.0.1c (22 oct 2023)
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Quantum VJ HD for Windows, Linux and macOS
Quantum VJ HD for iOS
Quantum VJ HD for Android


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What is Quantum VJ HD

Quantum VJ HD is a simple glitch-style audio visualizer (video generator). It can receive sound from the microphone or from the Line-in port (depends on the system settings). Sound will be converted to the graphic elements byte by byte. The final video can be mixed with the camera stream in real time.
Based on the algorithms from the Quantum VJ (pendant).
This app is free for all systems, except the Android and iOS.

Key features:
  • multitouch control (pair of parameters for each new touch) or keyboard control (in Linux, Windows, OSX, Android);
  • input from camera (iOS, Android, Linux);
  • supported sound systems: ASIO, DirectSound, MME, ALSA, OSS, JACK;
  • iOS: iTunes File Sharing, if you want to upload your own codeset images.