Pixilang - pixel oriented programming language
Outdated version 1.6 (14 aug 2008)
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Pixilang is a simple programming language for small graphics/sound applications. Created by Alex Zolotov (NightRadio) and Mik Razuvaev (Goglus) for non-programmers, demosceners and designers. Pixilang programs keeps in the TXT-files, so you can edit it in any text-editor. Pixilang interpreter works on different operation systems (Windows, Linux, PalmOS) and distibuting under GNU GPL license.

Main features:
  • easy syntax and small amount of commands;
  • universal containers (pixi) using for text/gfx storage;
  • pixel graphics describing in a source TXT-files directly (using ASCII symbols);
  • transparency (simple and with alpha-channel);
  • simple commands for rotation and resize;
  • no floating point math operations - only 32bit integers are using;
  • playing music in MOD and XM formats (using PsyTexx engine);
  • functions for sound synthesis;
  • loading GIF (animated) and JPG file formats;
  • realtime export to GIF;


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