DOS Software
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Here are some of my early works. Since the mid-1990s, i began to study BASIC, then assembler, C, C++, C--. The favorite system, of course, was DOS :) It was very easy to write for it, the final code sometimes took only a few bytes.
For graphics, VGA mode 0x13 (320x200, 256 colors) was used. And for sound - the OPL2 chip (FM synthesizer) of Ablib-compatible sound cards. The music for this chip was created in the Adlib Tracker.


Simple graphics editor with plugins. Supported file format - PCX. 16-bit code (compatible with Intel 80286)
Last update: 20 may 2000
Download CyberDraw v1.1 + sources (C--)


2D platform game editor. 16-bit code (compatible with Intel 80286)
Last update: 12 may 2000
Download WorldDesigner v1.0 + sources (C++)


Small demo with glass spheres, AMD-music and the scroller
Last update: 10 mar 2000
Download PXNRG

NoiseLab Demo

Demonstration of some pixel algorithms
2000; DOS
Download NoiseLab + sources (C++)

Stars Demo

Star animation
2000; DOS
Download Stars + sources (C++)

Experiments with QBasic

~1997; DOS
Download archive with BAS files

Amiga MOD -> Adlib AMD converter

Last update: 22 sep 2000
Download converter + sources (C--)