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Pixel Cave 2018

Retro-style simulator of flight through the pixel cave.
(improved version of the old game from 2008)
Official page + video

Nature - Oscillator

Spectral Synth (Camera to Sound conversion).
Official page + video

PixelWave and SpectrumGen

Experimental synths with oldschool pixel interface.
Official page + video



6bit Genesis


Happy Birthday Tangerine

Small demo (2012). Code by me, music was composed by Manwe in SunVox (remake of "Early Fall" originally created by Tangerine in Scream Tracker 3).


Music track composed from scratch using the C programming language in 2005.
Download source code

Matrix GL

3D matrix screensaver based on The Matrix Reloaded. Originally created by me for the ( project in 2003. Now it is fully open-source project (developed by Vincent Launchbury and other people).
Matrix GL Web Site
Matrix GL on SourceForge
This is also part of mplayer. Try: mplayer -vo matrixview videofile

Отзвуки Судьбы / Echoes of destiny

Электронный литературный журнал