NightRadio: Back to the Sources (2009)
Russian version is here

Audio-visual album created in SunVox
Download full version (software player with nice OpenGL graphics; ~4 mb) - highest sound quality + sources; required PC with Windows or Linux.
Listen online

BTTS cover screenshot from the software version of BTTS

Style of the music is various as usually :) So everybody can find something interesting here. I tried to arrange the tracks by its sound complexity and mood.
All the tracks were composed with SunVox in various places: at home, in the forest, at sea beach, etc.
Used hardware: PC with Linux, Acer Aspire One netbook, Palm Tungsten T pocket computer, GSmart MW998 phone.

If you use the software version of this album, here is the list of keyboard shortcuts:
  • LEFT/RIGHT - previous/next track;
  • UP/DOWN - increase/decrease volume;
  • ESC - exit.