SunVox arm64 and SDL version

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SunVox arm64 and SDL version

Post by vanfanel » Fri Dec 21, 2018 6:37 pm

Hi there!

I have just discovered SunVox, and I would like to run it on my own Raspberry Pi3 system, which is arm64 (aarch64) based, uses SDL2 on the VC4 graphics stack and has no Xorg server running. The Pi3 in 64bit mode shows a VERY noticeable performance increase, thanks to the CPU registers available on the CPU running in ArmV8 mode.

So, everything is ready for it, as shown here:

...Except the arm64 build of SunVox seems to be SDL1.x only. SDL2 works on Raspberry Pi 3 on 64bit mode, too, with no problems whatsoever, and of course in X-less mode (using GLES2 on KMS/DRM).

So, would it be possible to have an arm64 build with SDL2, please? I would build myself from the sources and give back a proper binary for everyone to enjoy, of course, if these are available somehow from the developers.


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