Tired of organizing SV projects? Try this!

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Tired of organizing SV projects? Try this!

Post by purelygrey » Tue Jun 19, 2018 2:33 am

So you finished your new track, but your project is a mess: default pattern names and colors, random icons, you know how it is.
You want to make it pretty, but it takes forever!

Well, not anymore! If you're on Windows, that is :roll:

I've made an AHK script just for that when I was preparing source files for my album before release. It's a bit rough, but I hope you'll get the idea and customize it for your liking.

A quick gif of what it does (download it if it doesn't work in the browser): https://yadi.sk/i/H97E0xiw3Y64Us

How it works:
1) You'll need to create a window arrangement similar to this:
2018-06-18_23-36-43.png (55.77 KiB) Viewed 1276 times
2) Run the script, Numpad 0 starts to act as a modifier key
3) Select a pattern and press Numpad 0 + b

If everything works your pattern should turn green and it should get the name "Bass" :D
If not, it's probably because the script is clicking in wrong places, you can try move windows around
or adjust the coordinates in the script (press Numpad 0 + Numpad Enter to see current mouse coordinates)

Don't forget to look inside the script with your favorite text editor, I tried to explain what it does a little bit,
ask if something doesn't make any sense. There's a bunch of shortcuts and also abbreviations if you type the same
thing in Sunvox over and over.

1) Only works on Windows
2) It's dumb and mouse coordinates are hardcoded, so it works on 1920x1080 resolution and when Sunvox is maximized
3) Numpad0 stops working (easy to fix and I will do it later)
3) You'll need to install autohotkey from https://autohotkey.com/ and maybe do some scripting
4) Probably won't work for module colors (at least I can't think of a solution right now). Can work for names, though

Turn the script off by going to the system tray, right clicking the H in the green square and selecting "Exit".

Not for everyone, but I hope that even if it won't work for you it'll give you some ideas on how to automate stuff in Sunvox (and other programs)
and make your life a little better. Sorry that it's a mess, I wanted to make a smart script but it'll probably never happen :) Feel free to ask anything!
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