Pitch Mince - An 8-step pitch shifting sequencer

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Pitch Mince - An 8-step pitch shifting sequencer

Post by AJHunter » Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:05 am

Check this out. It's pretty neat. I tried to make it as best I knew how in sunvox.
It's pretty ok. (see clyp description)

to use it, adjust the BPM of the module to suit your needs. the pattern needs to be playing, so make sure it's in your sequencer. each step is 4 lines apart, so to change the number of steps that are played, just change the length of your pattern to suit it.

welcome to video games, this is a day-1 patch. I realized it would be arbitrary to make it so each step's bitrate is variable, so now it is. I also exposed the pitch shift rate just to keep things lined up in two-column view. the DL mirror reflects this change, as well as the download here.

DL mirror
Pitch Mince.sunsynth
(17.81 KiB) Downloaded 346 times

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