[Code Wanted] Anyone willing to do a little coding? [See PixiScope v1]

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[Code Wanted] Anyone willing to do a little coding? [See PixiScope v1]

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EDIT: So, PixiScope came out and I realized this request is no longer necessary. It appears to do more or less the opposite of what I originally wanted, but perhaps that can be reversed.?

Alright, I have zero programming capability. So I beseech thee, users of PixiLang, to perhaps throw something together for me that I have no idea how to accomplish.

What I want to do is get a video export of the StereoPhase Output Visualizer in SunVox. Like, have a .WAV or .sunvox file be loaded up and after some encoding out pops a .flv/.avi/.whatever that is just the SteroPhase visualizer. Having the input audio as the audi track in the video would be a plus. Resolution isn't super important, though something like QVGA/VGA/720 would be nice.

Is this something that would be "simple" for someone to do? And, would anyone be willing to throw a prototype together for me?

Or, does this sort of thing already exist? (Please point me in the direction if it does)
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