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Multi Control Links

Post by gigi » Thu Feb 20, 2014 2:35 pm

I want to describe a few operations to reproduce this bug.
Ther order of steps is very important :

1. make a new song and delete all modules (except OUT :))
2. make 4 Generators
3. rename each "---1", "---2", "---3" and "---4", according to the module number automaticaly assigned by sv
4. make a MultiCtl
5. link MultiCtl in order 1, 2, 3 an 4 to correspnding Generators, so that the links appear in order inside the MultiCtl
6. assign parameters control for each link : Generator 1 - parameter 1, Generator 2 - parameter 2, etc
7. now, delete all the links and reconnect the Generators in other order to the MultiCtl
8. you can see that MultiCtl dont reset the parameter number assignet to each link when deleted and the Generators newly connected have the old parameters assigned instead of 0.

So, I think is safer to implement that a new connection start always with 0.
If not, we have to mute MultiCtl, but it's a little risky, because we forget it.

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