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Pixilang v1.4

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 8:59 pm
by NightRadio
Pixilang v1.4 released!
Download page:

fixed bug with hard button release (in the handle_hard_keys command);
fixed bug with negative pixel size in the pixi() command;
fixed bug with alpha channel in 8/16 bit modes;
fixed bug with timers in the Linux;
fixed bug with GIF export;
now you can write a "$$" string (double dollar) for print the "$" symbol, when print() command using;
license of main Pixilang files changed to BSD;
added support of SunVox music (SunVox editor is under construction now) - small, powerfull crossplatform synth music format, developed by Alex Zolotov;
Linux and PalmOS versions compiled on GCC 4.2.2; WindowsCE - on GCC 4.1.0;
improved PalmOS ARM loader;
fixed bug with sound on WindowsCE.