Pixilang 3.8.3

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Pixilang 3.8.3

Post by NightRadio »

Pixilang has been updated to v3.8.3!

What is new:
  • macOS 10.9 support has been dropped; now the minimum is 10.13;
  • file Wi-Fi web server is now also available on Android;
  • new function: sprintf2($str,$str_offset,$no_null_term,$format);
  • new function: get_proplist($pixi) - get a list (array of strings) of properties for the specified container;
  • new function: remove_proplist($list) - remove the list of properties;
  • num2str(): new optional parameters: str_offset (offset within the string), no_null_term (no NULL terminator at the end);
  • str2num(): new optional parameters: str_offset (offset within the string), len (length of substring with number);
  • set_font(): new optional parameters: last_char, char_xsize, char_ysize, char_xsize2, char_ysize2, grid_xoffset, grid_yoffset, grid_cell_xsize, grid_cell_ysize; see graphics/fonts2.pixi;
  • more correct OpenGL coordinate system: XY offset 0.375 removed from the window manager transformation matrix; 0.5 is added to the XY coordinates of dot() and line() to point exactly to the center of the pixel;
    in rare cases, this leads to an undesirable displacement of textures (pictures, fonts) by one pixel; to avoid such a problem, follow the following rules:
    • avoid odd window height/width;
    • use integer division to calculate top left corner: -WINDOW_XSIZE div 2, -WINDOW_YSIZE div 2;
  • new container flag: GL_NPOT - set it if you want to use OpenGL texture (inside the container) whose dimensions are not limited to a power of two; on iOS this flag can only be enabled in conjunction with GL_NO_XREPEAT | GL_NO_YREPEAT;
  • new defines PIXI_TIMERS_NUM, PIXI_FONTS_NUM; app options (g_app_options[]) pixi_timers_num, pixi_fonts_num; pixilang_config.ini options pixi_timers_num, pixi_fonts_num;
  • updated SunVox engine (2.1c).
  • bug fixes.
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Re: Pixilang 3.8.3

Post by ainegil »

Thank you.
As I mentioned elsewhere I dont own a PC anymore so Pixilang is the only tool I have right now on which I can sketch out ideas.
Its like haveing one if those "home computers" from the past but more powerful, yet quite easy to learn.
I think it could make a great teaching tool for schools also.
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