Full album "In Stereo"

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Full album "In Stereo"

Post by donkerbot » Sat Jun 06, 2020 4:28 am

Hello! We are donkerbot.

You may know us from the latest SunVox compo, we entered with our instrumental version of the song "Wild Rocket".

We are excited to announce the album featuring the full version of that song is now live on most of your favourite music streaming services. We'll include the link here to the album on Spotify, but with a bit of digging, we're sure you can find it on other services as well. The album contains 12 original songs, plus one bonus track. So 13 in total.


All songs on this album are written in SunVox, some slight editing done in Audacity and some songs have vocals generated in Synth V. The majority of the album comes pretty much straight out of SunVox.

For example, here's the song "Wild Rocket" from the earlier mentioned compo, the full version:

We would like to add that as the world is currently experiencing a major pandemic, we recognise there are businesses that have influenced us, that are now struggling to survive, in particular Chester Zoo. Because of this, we have decided that for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic, we will donate all proceeds from this album to the Save Chester Zoo fundraiser. We understand that you may not be from the UK and have probably never heard of Chester Zoo, and that's ok, there are probably zoos closer to you that also have difficulties because they are forced to remain closed. If you hold these places dear, you may want to consider donating to them. For us, this place is Chester Zoo, especially as we have a song on our album, titled "Zoo in Chester".

Please watch our explanation video on this subject as well:

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Re: Full album "In Stereo"

Post by AutumnCheney » Tue Jun 09, 2020 12:07 am

Nice! I liked "Wild Rocket", so I'm sure that the rest of this album will be enjoyable as well! I'll make sure to give it a listen. (^.^)
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