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New Here and New Song

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2018 4:52 am
by E8_Heterotic
Hello everyone, I'm new here, but I've posted elsewhere on other sites using this user name. As you might be able to guess by my name, I'm a physicist although, ironically, my research deals almost entirely with type II strings instead of heterotic strings.

Anyway, I wrote a piece of music using SunVox. It's a very interesting synthesizer/DAW which almost makes you feel like an electrical engineer or mad scientist. The piece is microtonal (17 EDO), but I'm not positive what genre it counts as, so I'm putting it here on the main page. I wrote other music as well, but this was the first piece using SunVox.

Someone on these forums (I forgot who) developed a module that allows you to microtune each of the 12 notes separately. It's quite convenient, the only drawback being that you need 2 separate tracks to write music with it since each of the 12 notes is treated as a separate synth with its own note-off command. If you want to end one note and start another note at the same time, you need to put the note-off command on one track and the new note on another. I like SunVox, but until I had access to this module, it was prohibitively difficult to write music that was outside of the 12 EDO system.

I have an interest in microtonal music and I find synthesizers are the easiest and most flexible medium to explore the topic. I also like (some) chiptune music, which brings back found memories of Mega Man, Contra, Castlevania, and other great NES soundtracks.

I like SunVox's minimalist design and the fact that it is all self-contained. For earlier music, I had to use OpenMPT with ZynAddSubFX as a VST. ZASFX is powerful, but it's glitchy and its interface is gross. It also has very low quality filters. As for OpenMPT, I don't really like it. The layout is odd, it has no native synths, and the way you enter notes into the tracker is completely different from how pretty every other tracker does it including SunVox and Famitracker, as the QWERTY row of keys is chromatic, rather than being the white keys of a piano like most trackers.

Here is the reddit page for my song: ... in_17_edo/

Re: New Here and New Song

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 12:16 pm
by E8_Heterotic ...

I wrote another piece using SunVox. This is a kind of "groove" music. It's still microtonal, and it makes use of the "Off-Key" detuner by user iaon:


Also, basically all of the instruments (except the percussion) were created using the SpectraVoice module and playing around with unusual harmonics. I find it to be a very interesting module. I've actually created other instruments using it besides the ones in the song.