Anybody doing 80's music with Sunvox?

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Anybody doing 80's music with Sunvox?

Post by BLS » Sun Dec 31, 2017 3:05 pm

I'm a new user of Sunvox. I downloaded the PC version a long time ago and fooled around with it a bit. After getting Android tab i just had to buy Sunvox :)

I've been making music with Reaper for years and i'm not really what you'd call as "electronic musician". I can't really play the keys etc. and my thought process is closer to a that of a guitar player than anything else. I do enjoy film soundtrack music, 80's synth pop and i'm especially interested in this new wave of well... synthwave! :)

I noticed that most of you are using Sunvox to make "chiptunes" and the sounds are similar(ish). I'm going to be using mostly the Android version of Sunvox so i guess i'll have to keep the sample sizes quite small, but i would be interested in hearing if anyone of you are using Sunvox for 80's influenced synth pop (even with vocals), 80's disco or something like that.

The main reason for getting Sunvox for me was the possibility of sketching out song ideas in a compact enviroment and then possibly finishing the songs in another program (Reaper). I'd like to find a few classic synth keyboard sounds for chords (80s era) and possibly some brass -type of things. I guess samples are the way to go? Drums aren't a problem and i'm already using Linndrum and DMX drum samples for those :)

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Re: Anybody doing 80's music with Sunvox?

Post by queries » Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:23 pm

Definitely play around with the FM module type. It's a 2-operator FM synthesizer that can make some pretty interesting sounds. FM synthesis was very popular in the 1980s via the Yamaha DX-7.

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Re: Anybody doing 80's music with Sunvox?

Post by rainydayshirts » Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:40 am

^ +1 for queries' reply ^

Also, especially with the most recent release, SunVox is quite exceptional for sample based production.

As for samples on Android, try encoding your WAV samples to FLAC. FLAC saves me about 56% of the space of my WAVs. If that isn't enough, you could always go OGG or MP3, especially if you are planning on just using SunVox as a "sketchpad" of sorts. Use lower quality samples on your android device, then when you move over to your main rig just swap out the samples for the originals.

Ultimately, though, I would highly recommend reading up on audio synthesis circa 1980 and just build your own synths within SunVox. You can find patch diagrams from old synths on the interwebs and then simply build the synth in SunVox. The available modules are fantastic and are the building blocks for most any sound you want.
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Re: Anybody doing 80's music with Sunvox?

Post by lewiswhite » Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:08 pm

I am new to sunvox app. Initially, i was using this app for video streaming for my pass time but Think I something is missing in my life i.e music. I decided to go for sunvox app. Can anyone suggest me how to download or use sunvox app? So I can also enjoy 80's music like you all.

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