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transient - apathy 13 EP released in ANSI art pack! Made entirely with Sunvox!

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:23 pm
by transient

transient – apathy 13 EP [qvr001] 2015
released in Apathy 13 artpack under the Quiver label (Apathy was an ANSI art group I was involved with in the BBS days, this pack is a reunion/tribute pack. Quiver was the music subdivision of Apathy that I ran. This is the first and quite possible the last official EP length release for Quiver ie QVR001.)

Over 30 artists participated in the release. Download/view the pack which includes the Apathy 13 EP here.


01: tirtha
02: mycrow
03: tablerock
04: 9 cornered
05: without you