How do you know what genres your music belongs to?

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How do you know what genres your music belongs to?

Post by gearwarrior » Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:23 am

Take for instance the following...

How do you guys determine what genre your music fits in? I like all kinds of electronic, and, I don't think about making a song that fits a 'genre'. Do you guys do that? I know what 'DnB', and Jungle, Dubstep sound like. But often, for instance with DeadMau5, a song will sound like Dubstep, but it won't be. Is there a one stop knowledge shop for determining where your music fits?

I wish I would have known you some of you guys years ago. I'm 40. I started listening to electronic when I was in high school. Course then it was mostly DJ. The *hi* hit the fan with 'Rave Til Dawn' though. That pretty much had me hooked. Of course, I come from a small town. It was blasphemy to listen to the music I did, and I really got rear ended over it. There weren't any clubs here worth a squat, (still aren't). When I turned 32 I got techno Ejay, and bought MusicMaker. I tried them, OK, I didn't like using their samples. I still don't. Audacity was great. Rosegarden, and all the plug in synths were nice. Got Jeskola Buzz and LOVED it. Only worked on Windows though. Couple years ago I found Sunvox. This, is fantastic.

Not trying to describe my life story, but the point is. I work, and its clear I won't make a living making music. But I do enjoy making it, and while I don't have time to go to clubs, I would like to find a place that knows a LOT about electronic music that I could actually learn from.

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Re: How do you know what genres your music belongs to?

Post by twistboy » Mon Feb 02, 2015 2:32 pm

Well, if you can't determine the genre -- just label it Electronic and it'll work :) It doesn't really matter. Basically it's useful for targeting the audience -- it's pretty pointless to push your hardcore techno track to drum'n'bass fans, you know.

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Re: How do you know what genres your music belongs to?

Post by DigitalNematode » Mon Dec 28, 2015 6:30 am

Jaja, it doesn't matter much. I label everything experimental and call it a day. ;)

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