Floor 14

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DJ Sybian
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Floor 14

Post by DJ Sybian » Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:52 pm

Hello everyone. This is the first track I've ever composed with Sunvox or any type of tracker. I've had a lot of experience with mobile music making, primarily Beatmaker 2, so I was curious to try something new on my iPad. The guitar riff came to me when I woke up one morning. I dream in 7/4 apparently. I created a steady glam rock-style backbeat by making the drums 14/4. I use single-hit samples for the drums, plus a Kicker and Drumsynth claps. The bass instrument is one of the included .xi sounds, The trumpets is an Analog Generator (I created different attack times for certain chords to create swells) and the tinny echoed bell sound is an FM Synth.

I'd appreciate any feedback. If there's enough interest I'll upload the original sunvox file. Thank you for listening.

You can hear the track on Soundcloud by clicking here.

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Re: Floor 14

Post by Koekepan » Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:59 pm

You make the 7/4 really work. It serves to keep off balance what would otherwise be a fairly typical sort of beat, and introduces continuing musical tension. Good job.

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