clock cycle murderer (drum 'n' bass)

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clock cycle murderer (drum 'n' bass)

Post by GreaseMonkey » Mon May 20, 2013 7:11 am

Made for the Battle of the Bits "Spring Tracks II" competition that's currently running.

Thanks to cjaxis for his hi-gain amp metamodule, which was used for the guitar chords.

Sunvox module: ... rer.sunvox
Competition link (if you have an account you can dl an mp3): ... erer/9831/

The only sample used here is a snare drum. Enjoy :)

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Re: clock cycle murderer (drum 'n' bass)

Post by gilzad » Wed May 22, 2013 4:43 pm

I like the intro, the chord progression adds something new to the dnb genre. Really like the way you play the pad with arpreggiated notes there and how you created the sustaining sound with the DSP chain behind it.

When the song gets going, I feel that the kicker/bd doesn't fit the genre well. I appreciate the fact that you used the internal synthesis though. However, I wish you had created a more typical BD with the DSP chain behind it. I think I'd try to add some noise to it, to give it some audible mid range. And I think some more percussive elements should be added in the sum.

At some moments I feel the tonal instruments are not well in tune. Might be intended though. But I think you used the hi-gain-amp very well.

The Exterminator sound is very aggressive and impressing. I like the way it becomes a texture throughout the song.

More releases like this, please!

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