revenge of the trance

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revenge of the trance

Post by GreaseMonkey » Tue May 07, 2013 1:43 pm

Might as well link something I've done while I ponder ideas for what to write (and finish) next. I wrote this a bit over a year ago in SunVox 1.7, for the first Battle of the Bits Spring Tracks. It came first in the SunVox section (wasn't hard as there were only 2 entries), and 8th overall.

If you have a phone... export it to WAV. Seriously. This isn't very CPU-friendly.

Source file
Competition entry (if you click the "Play" button you might be able to hear an MP3 render... I suggest you just download the source file anyway)

Spring Tracks 2 is coming up, so I'll have to do something for that. Anyone for drum 'n' wubs?

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