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My music - beefinator

Post by beefinator » Sat Oct 01, 2011 4:22 am

So I've been using sunvox for like 2 years, and I can say it's the only computer music software I continue to use.
I've been moving some towards hardware music production tools, like my mpc, kp3, and homemade synthesizer based on arduino.

But I still use sunvox! You can check out my stuff (sunvox and non-sunvox) on my soundcloud page, here.

In my opinion, here are some of my best songs made completely on sunvox:

The earliest song I've posted online that is made on sunvox: glitr0nic (and probably like the 4th song I made on sunvox, period.)

Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of starting songs that I really like, then not finishing them for a long time, just letting them sit on my harddrive/ipod touch memory for a while.
Here's a few examples:
EMP - 200 BPM! WOOO!
Remorse - I think this one is particularly impressive because the speech synthesis like parts (I have improved them so it is slightly more intelligible, after I posted this preview) does not use any samplers! It's only generators and voice modulators, and filters, with parameters controlled in the patterns.
Soundcloud page
Second Soundcloud page (ran out of minutes, I post new stuff here)
Youtube channel
First ever Sunvox Compo Winner :)

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