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SF2s From 0on3 Libs Tailored for Caustic 3

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2016 6:09 pm
by WaxingAndWaning
Just downloaded Caustic yesterday, quite ingenious I'd say. Was happy to see it can load soundfonts but a harder time finding the right sounds. Have recently opened up a DVD full of 0on3 Kontakt libraries from the 0on3 site that has been closed a couple years now mostly from member attrition. These FREE libraries are homemade libs that were shared there. Found some to be quite good so have been converting them to many different formats. Now that I'm messing with Caustic I'll include SF2 as well. Here are the first 4 libraries I have converted...sort of rough tested. You see these libraries are kind of what Caustic likes...Single Velocity SF2 Medium to Small size.

Includes- 0on3 Dumpster SF2

0on3 F@CK SF2 (WARNING-Slang vocal library)

0on3 Hang W0k SF2

0on3 Rick Rocker SF2

Yes, I could've converted to the pcmsynth format but that would've been an extra step plus sharing as SF2 you can use in many other DAWs or convert. So makes no logical sense. All in RAR archives.

Waxing & Waning

Download (160 mb)


Tell everyone to keep checking back on THIS thread as I will be converting MANY MORE libraries. These can be used in any app that can use SF2, they are just tailored for Caustic 3 because of the single velocity. Just put them in the pcmsynth PRESETS folder, not the sample folder. I usually create a separate 'soundfonts' subdirectory in the pcmsynths preset directory then they open just like a preset. If you like the soundfont then you can save as a .pcmsynth preset.

Re: SF2s From 0on3 Libs Tailored for Caustic 3

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:26 pm
by WaxingAndWaning
OK...Same day & here is the second batch. All good stuff, none of that GM crap. More 0on3 libraries-

0on3 Persian Ney SF2
0on3 Gongz SF2
0on3 Velocity Flute SF2

All tested in Caustic 3...Sound good. Some sounds may need a bit of reverb to get 'em to 'pop'.185 MB