Blast from the past!

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Blast from the past!

Post by goldencut » Thu Apr 26, 2012 5:12 am


Discovering SunVox (and having some extra time) just drew me back to making music again. It also made me look back on all the different programs I have used in the past.
So... some old pearls from the past, that maybe even SunVox can take some inspiration from...

They we're not really hugely popular back in the days and had their flaws, but I think they were WAY ahead of their time back then. They are very usable and amazing even today.
1) SoundClub ( - the interface was well ahead of it's time (they had DOS version back in ´91!!!, it's on their homepage) and is still the most comfortable "tracking" interface today (IMHO...). I started to use it again, since it can export regular tracker modules and is SO easy to use!
2) AXS synthesizer ( - the interface is clumsy, but THE SOUND.... it's amazing - those deep analog-sounding pads, and vibrato strings... I wish I knew how to make sounds like these in SunVox.

So - future might be bright, but lets' look to the past also. And learn from it. ;) I think SunVox is amazing, but it also has immense amount of potential to grow and evolve.

PS.Some cool, but most importantly easy (!) music-making tools I've lately been using, mostly on my iPhone (1.gen). Not so much making music, more like toying, but that's just me... :P
1) Drumcircle RH ( - amazing tool to make drum-patterns, they just.... emerge, by themselves. SunVox could maybe implement this kind of interface at some point (as one of many tracking interfaces ;).
2) Nanoloop ( - just cool in it's simplicity... Reminds me of PixiTracker (or vice versa).

PS.PS. I have no affiliation with those programs eg it's not an advertisement.


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