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Ticks Per Line vs. Ticks Per Beat

Posted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:59 am
by sup909
I have a quick terminology question here for Sunvox. I am exploring the software and notice in the song properties menu there is a ticks per line option. At first I thought this was a similar feature to the ticks per beat or TPB feature found in other tracks, but its function actually appears to be the opposite.

Normally with TPB if I increase it, lets say from 4 (16th notes) to 8 (32nd notes) the scroll on the pattern window would increase as the tempo remains constant, effectively increasing the resolution. The TPL feature appears to operate the other direction though whereas when I increase from 4 to 8 the scroll in the pattern window slows, effectively slowing the tempo of the pattern.

Can someone explain the terminology or goal of the TPL feature? It appears to be like it is trying to increase resolution per beat, but I am getting the opposite effect.

Re: Ticks Per Line vs. Ticks Per Beat

Posted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 9:43 am
by NightRadio

Now i understand, that the TPB is more clear for users :) But it is difficult to implement such thing in the current SunVox version. Because SunVox is based on old-school scheme.
In any case lets talk about the TPL :) Ticks Per Line. I'll try to describe it on examples:
TPL = 6; ==> Lines per Beat = 4.
TPL = 3; ==> Lines per Beat = 8 (scroll on the pattern window would increase)
TPL = 2; ==> Lines per Beat = 12.
TPL = 5; ==> Lines per Beat = 4.8 :)
In other words: TPB = 24 always. And you can't change it directly.