1thermdor226 - stone-cech compactification

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1thermdor226 - stone-cech compactification

Post by AutumnCheney » Sun Jan 17, 2021 7:45 am

here's a little sunvox song i finished a few days ago

https://soundcloud.com/autumncheney/1th ... tification

also check out this newgrounds podcast episode: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/996717 the host, littlbox, plays the song and gives a little shoutout to sunvox

i have a zipped version of the project file attached to this post, you can also download the file from here: https://autumncheney-drive.mycozy.cloud ... IqAYFbK3Q3

i hope you enjoy it!
1thermidor226 - contrapositive.sunvox.zip
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please check out my newgrounds account, i post music and talk to people here: https://autumncheney.newgrounds.com

i have a soundcloud and bandcamp too (just music here):

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Re: 1thermdor226 - stone-cech compactification

Post by enzyme » Thu Apr 22, 2021 2:28 am

Nice! I love how it goes glitchy near the end, I'm still finding my feet with Sunvox, hope to have wrapped my head around it soon :)

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