Physical Modeling possible?

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Physical Modeling possible?

Post by theorize » Sun May 15, 2016 1:02 am

I'd be willing to spend the time learning if I thought that I could create something even remotely like Image Line's Drumaxxe. Ever since moving to Linux, that's the one VSTi I miss the most, plus it would be very cool to be able to do this inside SunVox without having the need to export samples from a windows PC using Drumaxxe... because I really won't do it I'll just use other sounds I have.

So does anyone know if physical modeling is possible in SunVox yet or is it missing some sort of fundamental building block?

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Re: Physical Modeling possible?

Post by queries » Fri May 20, 2016 10:02 pm

I am not sure about physical modeling specifically, but one big thing that drew me to SunVox (besides that it's cross platform, and that I like trackers) is that it's not just a flat modular synth toolkit, but rather that it's "sunvox all the way down" through the use of MetaModules.

So if you can model aspects of the sound you want in layers of simpler components, you can package them up into a single upper-level module that you include in a composition, with controls mapped to specific module controls inside the metamodule.

That metamodule in turn can be comprised of other metamodules, and so forth, however deeply you need to.

Then, consider that any sound you can think to generate can be amplitude or phase modulated by any other sound, so you have the whole "FM synthesis" playground to work within.

And so on... :)

So, it might take a lot of experimentation, and I don't think you'd end up with exactly the same results as a physical modeling engine, but you could surely get some interesting rich percussion sounds out of the module types Sunvox offers.

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