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DJ LIve Performance Setup

Posted: Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:42 pm
by hseiken
Hi, I made this demo showing it's possible to put together a decent live rig in SunVox.

Hit play to start, mess with the sliders on the lone Machine.

The sliders do the following:
MASTER MIX: Master volume of musical elements, doesn't affect record player.
PAD MIX: Mixing Console Volume Slider
MELODY MIX: Mixing Console Volume SLider
BASS MIX: Mixing Console Volume Slider
DRUM MIX: Mixing Console Volume SLider
BITCRUSH: Bitcrushes global audio
FILTER FREQ: Filters Mix
WARP: Like an old tape deck
CHOPPER: Like 'chopped and screwed' type effect. You must move this slider a little bit once and wait a moment before it's fully functional. it works best to slam it like a dj fader...think of slider to left original record, slider to right is 1/8th note time behind..good for remixing.
DJ LOOPER CHUNK SIZE: Sets the size of the buffer looper
DJ LOOPER ON/OFF: Flick it to do some stuttering.

The ideal way to take this further would be to create a multi-synth and have it control multiple 'pattern machines' like this and set up it's velocity sensitivity so that it's a drum map, then for all the goofy stuff you could also create one more glitch machine (which I think I'll try to create...a global 'dj screwball' machine)...

Anyway, enjoy.

Re: DJ LIve Performance Setup

Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 6:54 am
by z5h
Great work. Thanks for sharing. Have you used anything like this live?

Re: DJ LIve Performance Setup

Posted: Sat Nov 29, 2014 10:38 am
by hseiken
I don't do shows, but yeah, I've made recordings doing arrangement like this. I don't think it should add much extra CPU overhead to add control layers until you're abstracted enough to control the important bits of a whole song. Depending on what you wanted to do, as well, those effects might go to specific tracks and such. Maybe one could create an effect mapper with a couple of groups...hmmm...