Preset bank generator!

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Preset bank generator!

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You may read the complete story in my website: ... generator/

Have you ever built an impressive module, but no one understand because it lacks some presets to show the full potential of it?
Have you ever suffer from hours of repetitive routing of modules just to make a preset?
Have you ever want to switch presets in real time during project play back, without setting each controllers independently?

Now, let me show you a coding project to grant you three wishes:

SunVox Preset Bank Generator!!!

Written in C++ with the SunVoxLib, this is a command line program for generating preset banks for your favorite Metamodule!
Simply prepare a project with full of modules of your choice, with different settings, you can create a optimized preset bank on the fly with the project location!

This is not the final version yet, and I will keep on updating the program when SunVoxLib gets a new update so that I can further simplify the progress of preset building.

Download Here!

The program exceeded 64kB with zip, so I have to upload the program to my blog.
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