Controller signal (voltage) to pitch/frequency

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Controller signal (voltage) to pitch/frequency

Post by AutumnCheney » Sat Apr 25, 2020 5:55 am

Right now, in SunVox, we have the Pitch2Ctrl module, which outputs a controller (voltage) signal based on the pitch/frequency that it recieves. What would be nice to have in the next SunVox version is a module that did this in reverse; i.e., outputted a note or frequency based on the voltage that it recieves.

It should have three modes, which specify what it should output: semitones, cents, and pure frequencies. It should have two sliders to specify the amplitude (DC) range that it should accept, and another two sliders to specify the range of notes (in semitones or cents) or frequencies (in hertz) that it should output.

These signals can then be fed to any module that normally generates sound (like the Generator or the Sampler), which would allow these modules to play sounds without having to be sequenced first. It should also be able to output MIDI events via the "module properties" menu.

This would greatly extend SunVox's capabilities as a standalone modular synthesizer and push it beyond simply being a "tracker". This feature would also supersede the workaround of having to use the LFO module as a sound generator, extending the range of sounds that can automatically be generated without sequencing.

One specific function that I can think of is using a random LFO connected to this "Ctrl2Pitch" module to create generative microtonal music. Another function is creating randomised drum breaks using the DrumSynth and setting the Ctrl2Pitch to "semitones".

Many new possibilities can be opened by implimenting this, and I hope that this suggestion can be considered.

(EDIT: In other words, something like a digital version of the CV/gate, which was used to control analog synthesisers.)
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