Keyboard Shortcut suggestions

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Keyboard Shortcut suggestions

Post by jugger » Wed Sep 18, 2019 3:17 pm

This thread is to suggest new assignable keyboard shortcuts that would improve the workflow of Sunvox.

First suggestions:
* Ability to move between patterns in a timeline view. Bit like how CTRL+up/down/left/right moves between different modules, you could change active patterns without using a mouse.

* Shortcut to open pattern properties

* Shortcut to open edit mode for the currently selected module (Sampler or Metamodule for example)

* In Sample Editor, ability to open sample context menu with a shortcut

* Shortcut to Show/Hide add.columns

* Shortcut to disable/enable Levels Drawing

* Multiple shortcuts for pre-configurable window/frame sizes, so that for example with one shortcut you could get a bigger pattern editor view and with another shortcut you could have a bigger module view, thus avoiding having to always drag the frames to change the sizes between pattern editor / module / timeline views.

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Re: Keyboard Shortcut suggestions

Post by iaon » Tue Sep 24, 2019 1:10 am

*Shortcut to show the theremin

*Shortcut to +1 track to the current pattern

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