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CV module

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 1:22 pm
by Oberlai

I would have liked to have an advanced CV module (LFO/envelope/stepper) that can connect to and control ANY parameter of any other unit. It would trigger on incoming note OR song start (optional), so you could typically start with a Multisynth, then the CV module second, then build other modules around that as you build your instrument.

Look at Surge VST synthesizer and how it combines LFO, envelope and stepper into one unit - absolutely brilliant. I would really like the LFO to have a delay and a ramp-up setting, this is very useful for sound design.

Lastly, for limitless flexibility, i would like this module to have a GAIN in-connection so that it is possible to control the amplitude of the CV from another CV unit. Because if you simply combine CV signals, this will produce a result based on pure addition/subtraction and you will for instance not be able to silence it completely (not so easily, at least) if that's what you wanted.

The unit should have plenty of built-in modulation patterns and also the possibility to free-draw your own.

Sunvox is already modular and very open in many ways, I love the concept and sounds it can make, and a dedicated CV unit would give TONS of control and flexibility. Some existing modules would need extra parameters, like generators would need a frequency parameter.

EDIT: Almost forgot - it should have an option whether to be one-shot or loop.

Lastly - I realise the LFO can't just be removed, backwards compatibility is worth a lot. Maybe this module could simply be expanded? OR ofc make a completely new module, that will certainly not ruin old projects.