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Multisynth Scala Support

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 10:06 am
by E8_Heterotic
I have an interesting request, allowing the Multisynth module to load Scala (and possible also MIDI Tuning Standard) files. It is possible to do microtonal music in SunVox, but it always requires some inconvenient trickery, either with the set pitch effect or with the "note off" command and polyphony with the Off-Key detuner (viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4431) iaon made. In addition, it is inconvenient to create scales with more than 12 notes per octave (you have to use multiple Off-Keys) and basically impossible to create non-octave repeating scales (like Bohlen-Pierce).

All of these could be solved easily if the Multisynth module could read Scala files and instantly retune itself to whatever scale is loaded in. Polyphony would work without a hitch, there would be no need to mess with sliders and do math to get the tuning right, and both non-octave repeating scales and scales with more than 12 notes per octave would be easy.

Re: Multisynth Scala Support

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 9:54 am
by E8_Heterotic
P.S.: I should give a link to what Scala files are. They shouldn't be confused with the programing language. They're simply a file that explains the set of ratios (or cents) that each interval in a period has. The period is usually an octave, but it can be anything. Scala files are easy to understand and are almost plain text.

Re: Multisynth Scala Support

Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 5:29 pm
by philipbergwerf
Had the same idea! I hope Nightradio will be in tha mood someday to add this to the Multisynth block!!!