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Preset Module

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 7:36 am
by Rondobotic
Hello there!

I tried searching as I am sure it has been mentioned however I couldn't find any specific requests for a preset tool when making sounds in Sunvox.

I had an idea that would be in keeping with the modular design of the program.

A preset module.

- It could be attached to any module (however thinking mainly for Metamodule).
- you could press a button that would record the control settings and save it to a slot.
- The module could have say 5 slots, nothing major, that the control values would be saved into which can be overwritten by pressing save again.
- A preset can be selected and recalled which would push the values back into the module.

for some of us, when making a big patch bundled into a metamodule, having this possibility may save on processing power and memory if you could switch between settings and not have to load another patch instance into the project. It would also save on having to add preset support into every module, should preset support be adopted.

Just a thought I had, I hope that made sense!