SFZ sampler support

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SFZ sampler support

Post by BitsNpieces »

XI is a sample format that exists. But SFZ is better! It supports:
  • Mapping different samples to different velocities
  • Longer envelope support
  • Support for >128 samples
(See bottom of https://github.com/ckald/Samplicity#sample-convertion=)

While XI is okay and should, by all means, continue to be supported, SFZ is the current standard. In many regards, it is the clearest descendant of the XI format. Unlike VST/AU/LV2 plugins, it is not platform-specific. Implementing SFZ would not limit Sunvox's portability any more than its existing XI support does.

As far as I know, there isn't an existing SFZ engine written in Java, so making it work in SunVox wouldn't be easy. But it might also ease development in the long run, because there would be less pressure to maintain an independent XI sample ecosystem.

Current cross-platform SFZ engines include:
sfizz (https://github.com/sfztools/sfizz)
SFZero-X (https://github.com/osxmidi/SFZero-X)
Both are written in C++.

SunVox will never be a normal DAW, and I understand if this is just too big to fit in the scope of what it is supposed to be. But I would enjoy having support for SFZ, if for no reason other than that it effortlessly integrates with the microtonal tuning features introduced in 1.9.3. Thank you! :-)
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Re: SFZ sampler support

Post by AutumnCheney »

well, the radiant voices library exists, and i'm sure someone could write a script that converts sfz files to a sunvox metamodule with all the mappings preserved

the question is, who will be up to the task? i myself don't know python...
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Re: SFZ sampler support

Post by a1matt »

AutumnCheney wrote: Sun Jul 17, 2022 2:52 pm a script that converts sfz files to a sunvox metamodule with all the mappings preserved
I hope someone does this one day.
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Re: SFZ sampler support

Post by Ol sen »

same for Rex files.
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