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SunVox 1.9.5 BETA2

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 7:08 pm
by NightRadio
SunVox 1.9.5 BETA2 is ready for testing!
(for Windows, Linux, macOS, WinCE)
And I'm almost ready for the final release :)

v1.9.5 BETA2 (18 jan 2020):
  • extended set of supported MIDI sync commands (slave mode): Start/Stop/Continue, MIDI Clock, Song Position Pointer;
  • Project properties: "Sync" settings allow you to specify the types of synchronization commands that the project accepts;
  • Preferences -> MIDI: "Sync source" - MIDI device for receiving synchronization commands;
  • bug fixes.
v1.9.5 BETA1 (3 jan 2020):
  • Android 6+: USB MIDI support;
  • Android: arm64 and x86_64 support; Android 2.3 support has been dropped; now the minimum is 4.1;
  • Android: now the SunVox remains in the background after you close the window; if you want to completely unload the app - use the EXIT menu item or the BACK button;
  • iOS: Audio Unit Extension (AUv3 instrument) has been added - SunVox can now be used inside any AU host;
  • iOS: Main menu -> Export/import: additional export/import functions provided by the system;
  • full support of 65534 modules per project and 32 tracks per pattern;
  • optimization of graphic and sound engines;
  • Distortion: new type "overflow2" (symmetrical overflow);
  • Loop: incoming notes (Note ON commands) restart the loop;
  • Delay now also delays the incoming events (note, pitch, phase, velocity);
  • MultiSynth: new option "Generate missed Note OFF cmds";
  • Pattern Editor: new function "Cyclic shift";
  • new pattern effects (column EE):
    • 15 - change the relative note and finetune of the module; XX - relative note (00 - ignore; 01 = -127; 80 = 0; FF = 127); YY - finetune (00 - ignore; 01 = one semitone lower; 80 = 0; FF = one semitone higher);
    • 31 - jump to line XXYY (address) right after the end of the current line;
    • 32 - set jump address mode: 0 - absolute address, relative to the start of the timeline (default); 1 - ( pattern beginning + address ); 2 - ( pattern beginning - address ); 3 - ( next line + address ); 4 - ( next line - address );
  • new pattern effects that irreversibly change the contents:
    • 38 - delete an event on track XX with a probability of YY (00..FF(100%)); see simple_examples/pat effect 38 self destructive.sunvox
    • 39 - cyclic shift of track XX down by YY lines;
    • 3A - generate a new iteration of YY-line polyrhythm on track XX; see simple_examples/pat effect 3A polyrhythm.sunvox;
    • 3B - copy track XX to a pattern named YY;
  • MutliCtl, Sound2Ctl, Pitch2Ctl, Velocity2Ctl: "OUT Controller" range has been increased to 255, so now it's also possible to address the MIDI controllers (CC0 = 128, CC1 = 129, ...) of the connected module(s);
  • new module visualization settings: background options (outline/fill), level scale (linear/logarithmic(dB)/RMS), peak meter;
  • Preferences -> Main: new option "Autosave" (disabled by default);
  • Preferences -> MIDI: "Module preview channel" - MIDI channel that will be used to receive notes during module pre-listening (when selecting a file);
  • Preferences -> Timeline: new option "Hexadecimal line numbers";
  • Preferences -> Interface -> Shortcuts: delete buttons [x] have been added;
  • improved text fields (long text scrolling has been added) + improved virtual text keyboard;
  • simple copy/paste (ctrl+c/v) in all text fields;
  • Wi-Fi export/import: additional file information fields: size and modification date/time;
  • export to WAV: new mode "File per module (connected to selected)" - export modules connected (as sources) to the selected module;
  • new keyboard shortcut: SHIFT + 7 - cyclic shift up (for the selected region in the pattern editor);
  • new keyboard shortcut: SHIFT + 8 - cyclic shift down;
  • new command-line option "-?" for help (show usage with all possible options);
  • new command-line options: "-v <vol>" - set volume; "-t <line>" - jump to the specified position of the timeline; "-p" - play;
  • new command-line options: "-of <format>" - set output format (wav16 (default) or wav32); "-o <filename>" - output to file;
  • new instruments and effects from other users (see the instruments and effects folders);
  • new examples (SunVox Compo 2019.03 winners): Trackerbound - its over now; make a wish; Logickin Lambda - Soar Beyond; manganoid - Dash of Wind;
  • new examples: NightRadio - 5100, 5101, 5102, Sines of Night; Manwe - Ambient; Philip Bergwerf - Venaya;
  • updated version of SunVox library for developers;
  • bug fixes.

Re: SunVox 1.9.5 BETA2

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 9:19 pm
by cube48
Whooohoooo ... MIDI sync has landed! Big, big and many, many thanks! Can’t wait to test it (hopefully tomorrow)!

Time to celebrate tonight!

NR for president!

Re: SunVox 1.9.5 BETA2

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 5:21 am
by sk0
Just so you know, Windows Defender detects Trojan:Win32/Fuery.B!cl in the zip. Therefore the zip is not downloadable in the latest Chrome and Edge on Windows 10. No Problem with Firefox.

Anyway, I'm really happy especially with delaying events, more configurable module appearance, text copy/paste and new pattern effects which makes me want to dig them much more.
Thank you!

EDIT: sunvox/wince/ must be the file regarded as a virus, which I found by executing `ls -lhR` before and after Windows Defender deletes it.

Re: SunVox 1.9.5 BETA2

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 7:10 am
by Keres

MIDI sync commands are HUGE!

thanks NightRadio!

Re: SunVox 1.9.5 BETA2

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 5:05 am
by Keres
ok, so as i see it, there is no way for Sunvox to actually generate a MIDI clock sync? you can as of this release only recieve it from MIDI and pass it through? sorry if i am unfamiliar.

thanks :unknown: :unknown:

Re: SunVox 1.9.5 BETA2

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 9:54 am
by NightRadio
ok, so as i see it, there is no way for Sunvox to actually generate a MIDI clock sync?
Yes. Now you can only receive MIDI clock from external sources.
Sync output will be added later

Re: SunVox 1.9.5 BETA2

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 1:24 pm
by NightRadio

Re: SunVox 1.9.5 BETA2

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 5:49 am
by jbw
Just got the iOS update, another great update! :Yahoo!:

SunVox as AU. 8)

Many thanks. :D