Any thoughts on starting a Patreon?

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Re: Any thoughts on starting a Patreon?

Post by NightRadio » Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:55 am

I donate to NightRadio regularly to keep making SunVox better.
Thanks, i really appreciate it!

I just wanted to know if Night had interest in doing it professionally / with the help of Patreon, since I know it's a higher-profile option for crowdsourcing public development.
I promise to think about it in the future. Maybe in case of some problems with Google or Apple :)
Now the main problem is the lack of free time. Too many great features to implement in SunVox.
It's also possible that i will open some parts of SunVox, but only when the code is ready for collaborative development.

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Re: Any thoughts on starting a Patreon?

Post by mrev » Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:38 am

Thank you for the visibility into your thought process on potential collaboration, interesting to see the reasoning behind

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