Sunvox on a small screen...

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Sunvox on a small screen...

Post by tedopon » Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:42 am

I'm building a drum machine out of a Beat707 shield with another arduino converting midi data into trigger pulses to fire DR110 & CB55 voice boards. This design leaves me with 6 or 8 remaining voices to play with. I have most of the stuff lying around to set up a Raspberry Pi with Sunvox for the other voices for weird digital noises. I am familiar with Sunvox and actually write a lot of my composition type stuff on it and feed that to other sequencers. My question is for people who have used Sunvox on a smaller screen (not an Android or iOS version, only looking for people who have used a linux/windows/mac port on a tiny screen):
How is it on a tiny screen (like a 5" or 7" screen)? I have a number of hardware devices that have small screens, but the way Sunvox is set up, I can't visualize how well it would or wouldn't work. There are a lot of different frames and I just want to get some feedback on whether it is worth trying or not. I think I would just be doing setups on a larger screen and using the smaller one for performance, I feel like I'd go blind trying to use it as a tracker on a tiny screen.
Thanks for any input.

EDIT: I've seen a few youtube videos where people are using it, but I'd really just like opinions...watching a video of someone isn't all that helpful.

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Re: Sunvox on a small screen...

Post by spktkpkt » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:23 pm

I would say it depends. I also use SunVox with a 7" touch screen sticked on a Raspberry Pi, the resolution is 480x320 and the screen is very very slow, ~7 FPS. It still is usable because i don't really build patches on it. I mainly use the screen to load patches, "draw" single cycle waveforms and to edit module parameters. I do not track or arrange on it. It is just a toyish sound box at the moment, but it works for that. Maybe i'll extend and optimize it in the future.

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