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Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:13 pm
by 22tape
i've always heard about nanoloop. finally gave it a try. i love it's simplicity, yet it gives you quite a bit of control. but only being able to use 8 samples at 6 seconds each is a bit lite for me.

so i decided to give pixitracker another go last night....and it rocks! i love trackers but sometimes i'd rather have a super simple interface to arrange my musical phrases that were created with hardware.....and pixitracker almost fits the bill perfectly. these few requests could seriously be a gamechanger for me:

1) the ability to change the offset of the sample per step (ala nanoloop) ( option to change the polyphony for each sample to mono, so each step can start at new offset point whilst cutting the previous note/offset point)
2) panning per sample, or even better, panning per step (ala nanoloop)
3) simple 3 or 5 band eq per sample
4) super simple master reverb/sends, to glue everything together


6) tape-echo style delay per sample, controllable per step.
7) implementation of a tracker style slide down (02) fx per step.

and that's it....i'd have an all-in-one daw for $2.99 :)

Re: FR's

Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 1:27 am
by samrai katt kovboy
Maybe not relevant for you but I do like the synthesizer engine in Nanoloop and think that the strength of Nanoloop lies more in that than using it as a sampler.
Plus the workflow and with the ease of the step by step automation in the new version.
Just mentioning if somebody else is reading this so they do not get the impression that its just for samples...

BUt yes it would be good if Pixitracker was expanded just a little bit more...

Re: FR's

Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 2:47 am
by 22tape
yep nanoloop's synth capabilities are much more detailed than the sampler section. but alas i'm almost exclusively sample based. indeed the implementation of the per step automation is brilliant....just wish it had 12 channels/instruments with more sampling time per channel....but i'm not sure that will ever happen...since it is called nanoloop...

just thought that with a few additions to pixitracker, i wouldn't have to fight nanoloops shortcomings (for me anyway)