Issues using SunVox and JACK [Linux]

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Issues using SunVox and JACK [Linux]

Post by dbrz » Thu Jul 06, 2017 6:16 pm

I'm trying to use JACK to connect another software synth to SunVox so I can use both at once. However, when JACK is running, I get a black screen. And if SunVox is running, JACK won't launch, because the hw:0,0 sound device is in use (by SunVox).
Setting SunVox to use a separate sound device fixes this problem--but now SunVox is playing audio on an entirely different sound device, so I can't hear what I'm playing!
Setting JACK to a different sound device also fixes the problem, but creates a similar issue in that now I can't hear anything going through JACK.
I've tried using ALSA to create loopbacks and hook bits together, but I can't seem to get SunVox to send audio through a separate sound device and then into JACK. I'm not sure what I should do; SunVox seems to capture all audio playback capabilities, which means nothing else can put sounds anywhere, which helps for recording with just SunVox, but when I'm working with other programs in tandem...

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Re: Issues using SunVox and JACK [Linux]

Post by NightRadio » Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:40 pm

Stop JACK.
Open SunVox with ALSA.
In SunVox preferences -> Audio -> change driver to JACK.
Close SunVox.
Open JACK.
Open SunVox.

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