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Post by SawZer » Sun Nov 08, 2020 11:35 am

Synths not massive/wide enough? Need a detune module that doesn't have clear beating in the sound? Or perhaps you just want a really cool chorus module? This module is for you.

Hyper Chorus controls:
Stereo/Mono: Setting to Mono will collapse the left and right channel into the center.
Dry/Wet: Blends the effect signal into the input signal. 100% Wet = pure effect signal.
Detune: Controls the max pitch difference from input pitch, in both directions.
Frequency (see below for more details): Controls the base speed of the detune LFO.
Stereo Frequency Difference: Offsets the base LFO frequency of the Left channel compared to the Right.
Phase Adjust: Allows you to alter the character of the chorus by altering the starting phase of the Left channel.

How it works: This module uses the Doppler Effect to vary the pitch. As an LFO decreases the delay, the pitch goes up, while as an LFO increases the delay, the pitch goes down. 2 LFO's are assigned to a Delay module, one controlling Left Delay, the other controlling Right Delay. There are 3 such Delay modules in this metamodule, each in series, and each next Delay receiving an LFO signal that is twice as fast as the one before it. The Frequency parameter controls the speed of the first Delay in series, with the next Delay having a frequency of 2 times the parameter.
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