acoustic kick + snare

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acoustic kick + snare

Post by AutumnCheney » Wed Oct 07, 2020 11:49 pm

my hihat and cymbal synths were missing a snare and kick to accompany. well, no more! here's two metamodules for making acoustic-sounding kicks and snares. i'm very proud of these, and i hope you like them~

they are similarly structured; they use bandpassed noise with a lot of reverb resonance to create the core sound. the snare has a static body and the kick has a body that sweeps down. these are then sent through their own reverbs to shape the sound. there are also stick and hammer sounds at the beginning of the core sounds

make sure to vary the velocity as it plays, as the module relies on it to change the sound. as always, change the phase and seeds to get a different sound to start

i've included the modules and an example demonstrating a breakbeat using these

btw these are under the mit license, no need to credit me if you're just using them
synth break 1.sunvox
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AutumnC Acoustic Snare.sunsynth
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AutumnC Acoustic Kick.sunsynth
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Re: acoustic kick + snare

Post by kevintherobloxnoob » Sat Oct 17, 2020 7:32 pm

Hello Autumn, I made a demo using your drums.
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Using SunVox for like a year and still a beginner. :)

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