fattener effect

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fattener effect

Post by AutumnCheney » Sat Sep 26, 2020 4:15 am

this module is a 2-in-1 limiter and high eq, for "fattening" up your sunvox songs. this was very heavily inspired by dada life's infamous sausage fattener plugin. the controls and functionality are meant to resemble the sausage fattener (pls don't sue me)

the "gain" controller controls how much goes into the effect

the "fatten" controller increases the drive on the limiter (you could also say it decreases the threshold)

the "color" controller controls a high shelf eq that boosts the highs. as you increase the value, it "sweeps" through 107 - 2696 hz and continuously increases the gain

you can put this on anything: drums, bass, leads, even the master. it's guaranteed to make your song sound brighter and fuller

the attached zip file contains the module and an example song. the example is "city dreams" by nightradio with the fattener effect continuously being turned on and off. notice how much more full the song sounds when the effect is on

this is under the mit license, which means that if you modify and distribute the module, do credit me and say that this was originally under the mit license. you don't have to credit me if you just use it in a song
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