theremichaos (touch theremin effects)

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theremichaos (touch theremin effects)

Post by AutumnCheney » Sat Sep 26, 2020 3:56 am

so you know about the korg kaoss pads? they're little effect units that you can control with your finger and a 2d touchscreen. after someone showed me a version of it for ios, i was inspired to attempt to recreate it in sunvox using the touch theremin. experimenting, i discovered that both the pitch2ctl and the velocity2ctl do support realtime input. using logickin's delay module trick (, i was able to create the module!

there are instructions in the module's pattern editor, but i'll put them here too:

by default, there is an effect containing a flanger and a vocal filter. you can replace this with any effect of your choice. choose the two parameters you want to control and configure the two multictls at the bottom to control them. the x (pitch) axis controls the first parameter from 0 (C0) to 8000 (B9). the y (velocity) axis controls the second controller from 0 (0) to 8000 (256). in the main module, set up any other effect controllers you want to access

to use the module in a song, route a multisynth to the theremichaos module and send the touch theremin signals to it. i don't recommend directly playing the module, since sunvox's module selection can be iffy. if you want, change the response settings on the multictls so that the input is not as choppy (at least, they were choppy for me)

here's a video demonstration i made:

the module and project example are in the zip file attached to this post

this is under the mit license, which means that if you modify and distribute the module, do credit me and say that this was originally under the mit license. you don't have to credit me if you just use it in a song
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