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Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2020 1:48 pm
by SawZer
An oscillator that (ab)uses an LFO's phase control to produce a hard sync effect.
Fairly limited honestly, but if you just need some cool harmonics, or a badass sync sweep, this'll do the job.


Max Intensity - Maximum point the sweep pitch will rise to. Due to some limitations at higher levels the synth will sound quantized.
Waveform - Choose from the standard LFO waveforms: Sin, Square, Sin2, Saw, Saw2, Random, Triangle, Random Interpolated.
Pulse Width - Square only of course.
Amp Attack, Amp Decay, Amp Sustain, Amp Release - Simple ADSR only for volume.
Freq Attack, Freq Decay, Freq Sustain, Freq Release - A pitch envelope. Controls timbre, not actual pitch. Adjust these controls for those badass sync sweeps.