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semi-realistic guitar

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 10:15 am
by AutumnCheney

I recently attempted to create a realistic guitar synth in SunVox, and what I have to offer is the result of my excursion. It works by playing six Analog Generators simultaneously, simulating the six strings of an actual guitar. There are two release envelopes: the String Release (letting the string vibrate without stopping the string) and the String Sustain Release (stopping the string manually). The six strings each have their own note ranges, which can be tuned in the synth controls. The default tuning settings are:

String 1: E3 - E4
String 2: A3 - A4
String 3: D4 - D5
String 4: G4 - G5
String 5: B4 - B5
String 6: E5 - E6

The synth also uses a Filter Pro to boost the upper frequencies.

I think that it sounds pretty good, and even if it is not entirely realistic, I think that it has its own charm.

The SunSynth file was too large to attach to this post, so I have instead provided a Cozy download link: ... TL0PRLE7Rf

I hope that you enjoy it!

Re: semi-realistic guitar

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 10:18 am
by AutumnCheney
i updated the module! i recently decided to revisit this module after i forgot about it for a while

first, i removed the six strings function because i couldn't figure out how to actually implement it with one oscillator. you can just recreate drop tunings and stuff like that in the pattern editor

next, i replaced the saw wave with a drawn wave provided by so?ing machine (aka saltbearer) that sounds a lot more like a guitar string

lastly, i revamped the reverb resonator. there are now two reverb modules, with one inverted to cancel it out and remove certain resonances, which makes the sound even more realistic.

i also added a few other functions. the "pitch imperfection" controller offsets the pitch a little, because a real guitar player usually never hits the exact same pitch every time they move their fingers and strum the string. the "pluckiness" controller boosts the highs to simulate using a guitar pick (plectrum). the "release" controller creates a combination filter/amplitude envelope. there are also two controllers for the reverb seeds.

here's the pixilang function for the curve on the release multictl:

Code: Select all

$y = 1 - pow((1-$x), 3 )
also, the module can actually be attached now

btw, this is under the mit license, which means that if you modify and distribute the module, do credit me and say that this was originally under the mit license. you don't have to credit me if you just use it in a song