"Horned" Band Filter

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"Horned" Band Filter

Post by Saltbearer » Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:46 am

Hey you know those band filters that peak at the edges like


I wanted that, so I slapped a couple filters together annnd it's like that. If filters that behave like this had a specific name before, well, they're called horned filters as of now.


The filter can be toggled between pass and reject. Either uses two layers (for sharpness) of two filters (LP/HP) at a time (both can be mixed out separately). You can use single controllers to set Qs and mirrored cutoffs, or set them individually. Frequency offsets both cutoffs via MultiCtl offsets. Low/High roll-offs are set separately. Response and Exponential are not. mmmyep that's it, that's what's visible in the screenshot.

It would be more convenient if top-level controllers controlling other top-level controllers could actually control them on the top level, but they can't, so you just have to remember which controllers' values are active. Or pop in and out of Edit to reset the display.

I made a bunch of dumb mistakes that I kept catching as soon as I was about to call it finished. After going through one last time and reorganizing the controllers (gotta get that big ol' frequency bar at the bottom yeeeehooie) I think everything should be in order. I hope. I hope.
So_ing Machine Great Horned Band Filter.sunsynth
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One odd thing I did: I used shelves instead of LP/HP at first, out of habit. I'll throw in that incarnation, because it's mostly assembled otherwise and sounds a little different. Frequencies outside the bands are just barely present, peaks are a little farther apart, and it miiight be slightly sharper?
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ok hope is useful

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Re: "Horned" Band Filter

Post by hseiken » Mon Jul 30, 2018 2:38 pm

I was about to go to sleep and then you gave us a toy to play with. :D

Very cool idea and easy to understand after just a few moments. I can think of some devilishy evil acid lines that would benefit from this filter style...

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