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Loudness tool

Post by Elfferich » Mon May 15, 2017 2:10 am

This tool helps to get any song to a higher volume with minimal distortion or coloring to the sound.

I made this tool for the people who use sunvox and have trouble to get their songs on a 'decent' volume or if you just want to have your song a bit louder. This tool is not made to make you join the loudness war.

- A precise tool that helps you to get a louder song with minimal coloring and distortion.
- A manual that explains how to effectively use it.

Tip: Before you try this on your own tracks, apply this on the example tracks: "Pavel Ti - Boomer" and "Space Trip" to get to know how the tool works. You can try it on any song you want though.

Loudness Tool by Elfferich.zip
Contains tool and manual
(5.56 KiB) Downloaded 288 times
I made a mistake with saving the manual file. Just open it in notepad or any other text editor.

For questions or suggestions, PM or reply here.

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