Help with modulation per voice

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Help with modulation per voice

Post by SawZer » Mon Feb 06, 2017 12:46 am

I've been working hard on replicating the Amazing Roland Juno 6, and even for such a simple synth, recreating it is HARD.

My main problems come from performing independent modulations per voice. For example if I have an ADSR envelope and I press a key until it gets to Sustain level, if I press another key as well the entire envelope shouldn't start over, just for the new key.

I've kinda hacked around this with amplitude and filter envelopes by using pairs of generators, but it's still very raw.

My biggest issue is modulating pulse width independently by voice. On the Juno 6 with PWM engaged you can hear that each voice has its own PWM applied to it. How the hell do I do that in Sunvox? The best thing I can think of is to create a selector between 6 generators that moves sequentially with each keypress.

But, I also desperately need to conserve CPU power. My last prototype cost ~20% CPU on a GAMING computer. Not good.

Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.
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Re: Help with modulation per voice

Post by GWCNS » Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:08 am

Hello there.
I know its kinda late but still, someone may find this usefull.
This is probably the only way that is possible in sunvox,
it is pretty CPU intensive for what it is, but basically what I did is took mono synth, connected to the output via my effect of choice, also inverted the phase of direct output from this generator, and mixed it with next generator with the same settings but with added one more voice, this way I'm isolating both voices and I'm now able to apply any kind of effect per key rather than for the whole instrument.
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Re: Help with modulation per voice

Post by hseiken » Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:40 pm

I'm ALSO late to this party but this is a great solution and isn't hard on cpu until one uses multiple voices. Old synths were limited in voice anyway (usually 8 or favorite keyboard, the MS2000 is, iirc...I've never owned one, I just loved doodling around with it at the store) was only 4 note polyphony.

I'm definitely going to be using this as a template for some experiments so thanks, GWCNS. This is very VERY useful for many things!
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Re: Help with modulation per voice

Post by AutumnCheney » Tue Nov 17, 2020 1:00 am

sorry about the bump

1.9.6's new "output port number = polyphonic channel % number of connected outputs" option for the multisynth basically allows you to do this for any number of voices, and it isn't cpu intensive either per voice
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