Sunvox-pure 808 Kick! (with example)

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Sunvox-pure 808 Kick! (with example)

Post by SawZer » Sat Jan 30, 2016 7:59 am

Using nothing more than what was provided within Sunvox, I created an 808 kick that is highly customizable, and distinctly Sunvox in style. Only one sampler was used, to record output from another sampler that had a defined envelope in it. No external samples were used. Period.

~Customizable Attack and Release
~Pitch envelope controls; Length and magnitude
~Portamento, thanks to the new Glide module :D **Because this file uses the Glide module, make sure your copy of Sunvox is up to date**
~And last but not least, a "fattening" type controller, which simply compresses the signal depending on the value.

An Audio Example (SoundCloud) :
~ ... ck-example
~ And the file for it:

~The file is attached to this post!

~Feel free to use this in your own work, break it apart, abuse it, etc. You don't need my permission, nor do you need to credit me (but I would appreciate the credit anyways).

Enjoy! Oh, and if you have any concerns, do let me know!

EDIT 1: Added the .SUNVOX file for the given example.
EDIT 2: Fixed link
Kick_808 (2).zip
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Re: Sunvox-pure 808 Kick! (with example)

Post by leondustar » Mon Sep 07, 2020 9:04 pm

this works very well. Thx

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