SunVox Compo 2020.02

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SunVox Compo 2020.02

Post by NightRadio » Sun Feb 02, 2020 2:58 pm

It's time for the new SunVox Song Competition!

The rules:
  • use SunVox;
  • file must be packed into a ZIP archive (not RAR, not 7z, etc.);
  • size of the ZIP must not be greater than 64kb (65536 bytes);
  • no more than two works from one author, never published before;
  • no covers, no remixes;
  • any modules, any genre, any length.
Send your ZIP-packed .sunvox file(s) to with "SunVox Compo" topic.
Don't forget to name your project in the SunVox -> Main Menu -> Song Properties. Name format: Author - Song Name

Deadline: March 15 / 00:00 (UTC+05:00)

Winners will be announced later (after the public vote) on and on all SunVox-related channels (FB, Instagram, Twitter, VK, etc.).
The best ones will be included to SunVox distribution. Promocodes (for any of my apps) will be provided for the first three winners.

Good luck! :beer:


Current state: reception of works.

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Re: SunVox Compo 2020.02

Post by Saltbearer » Sun Feb 02, 2020 5:55 pm

aww yeh. We excited? We excited. 8)


Some things I'd like to bring up ahead of this and future comps. Artistic license, personal necessity, plain disagreement, etc. can of course override any advice.

Winning submissions will be included with future versions of the program. This means you have the opportunity to submit entries that would help new users understand SunVox and the extent of its capabilities, especially in areas where other trackers may fall short! Clear organization and varied demonstrations of functions and techniques would be helpful!

It's more exciting for everyone if you try to present the peak of your ability! Submit something you can be proud of, whether for the effort or elegance of execution.

There may end up being a large number of submissions to listen to, analyze, and rank. Do your best to stand out, and keep in mind voters may be pressed for time! Disorganization and excessive length can impact judgements!

Sometimes people like to go the extra mile and give their projects unique visual aesthetics. In case readability would take a hit, something I did once was apply an aesthetic last, after loading the project into itself in its working state. That doubles the file size though! Attached it as an example. Module 84 contains the (rather opaque) raw project.
So_ing Machine - Mattress
(15.36 KiB) Downloaded 26 times
[edit: oop, the kill switch doesn't work now. ENJOY THE MUSIC INFINITELY.]

If file size is an issue, to start with, make sure you're using the maximum degree of zip compression!

What makes a file "organized" and "readable"? There are different ways to arrange and color-code with internal consistency, and different ways may be better suited to different workflows, but I personally like:

• Sticking to the default module colors, as they should be the most familiar to the most users at a glance.
• Making important modules slightly larger - for example, the beginnings of chains.
• Spacing modules out, for clarity of connection routes. Note that on mobile, in portrait, the module view is more vertically stretched than it would be for a desktop or landscape user, so what looks spaced may be pretty squashed-up for others! Same for if you've turned your module scaling way down.
• Grouping chains that are related - for example, keeping percussion instruments near each other.
• Matching unique names between modules and patterns. (Do this before you need to copy and paste them!)
• Leaving pattern icons visible - setting your own icons can be useful, but even the generative defaults can provide decent indications of change and similarity.

This is a relatively small, tight-knit community for a music program, with a number of skilled musicians who are already mutually fans and friends of each other. Keep an eye on your biases!

Aaaaand finally, *pulls you aside and lowers voice* here's the deal: if you're in it to win it, you'll have to play to the audience's tastes to some degree. Look to past competition entries' scores to get a feel for who's listening and what broadly appeals to them.

Anything else we should consider?

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Re: SunVox Compo 2020.02

Post by a1matt » Mon Feb 03, 2020 2:02 am

Saltbearer wrote:
Sun Feb 02, 2020 5:55 pm
Anything else we should consider?
Yes, have fun! :D

I can really feel the passion in your post. I love it.

I'm excited too, because I will get to hear lots of new sunvox tunes.

I hope that those who scored low in the past aren't put off from entering. I'm looking at you E8, I really enjoyed your 'Fantasia ex Machina' song.

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Re: SunVox Compo 2020.02

Post by sk0 » Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:39 pm

I'm really looking forward to listening your works!
By the way, what is the sample rate of the player? I have some instruments whose timbre heavily depends on it.

EDIT: I found that in the previous player it is set to 44100 regardless of my system preferences and this is the default value in SunVox too.
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Re: SunVox Compo 2020.02

Post by stoicsound » Mon Feb 10, 2020 6:00 pm

This is gonna be exciting!

Is module originality something that is usually considered when voting? I’m planning to enter with 100% original instruments but am using some bundled/community effects like fuzzer, exciter etc for some. Not too concerned with winning, but would just be good to know.

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Re: SunVox Compo 2020.02

Post by Obscure » Fri Feb 14, 2020 6:47 pm

YEEEEE! Excited!
I've wanted to participate in a competition for months!

While I set to work, I have a quick question:
Is it okay if we're using a slightly out-of-date version of SunVox to compose our songs or must we be using the latest version, v.1.9.5c?
Check me out on YouTube!

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Re: SunVox Compo 2020.02

Post by NightRadio » Sat Feb 15, 2020 10:28 am

Is it okay if we're using a slightly out-of-date version of SunVox to compose our songs or must we be using the latest version, v.1.9.5c?
Any version. Even 1.0 :)

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